Wind Farm Optimisation

Wind Farm Optimisation

Operational Data and Power Performance Analysis

morewind provides an evaluation of the turbine performance based on data analytics (SCADA) and optionally combined with an inspection. The main focus here is set on the power curve of the wind turbine. Our long-standing knowledge in wind turbine R&D makes a decisive difference in understanding and interpreting the results.

The applied methods can also be integrated into an existing data analysis system.

Performance Optimisation

Many of the installed wind turbines across the world are performing below the expectations. morewind offers to improve the operation in order to increase the energy production. The approach is divided into four main steps:


  1. Analysis of operational data and inspection
  2. Verification of yaw and pitch alignment
  3. Proposal for changes and implementation
  4. Verification through operational data analysis

Lifetime extension and Performance boosting

Under generic site conditions, wind turbines are usually designed for a duration of 20 years. Most of the wind farms are operating under conditions that are less harsh compared to what they were designed for. Therefore, the possibility of working beyond their design lifetime is given. Alternatively, the margins resulting from lower site conditions can be exploited through a more aggressive turbine operation in order to maximize the production. Through loads and component review based on a site condition analysis, we can support wind farm owner to extend the lifetime of their wind turbines. Additionally, we also assist in the necessary negotiations with the OEM according to the needed design and the related information as well as with operation permit and certification issues.